I’m sure just the two words ‘AJ’ and ‘Overrated’ will do enough to trigger the millions of die-hard AJ fans. But honestly, is he worthy enough to be hailed as the best in the heavyweight division today making his way to be a true British great, or is he just another David Price.

It’s safe to say over the recent years Joshua (with the help of Eddie Hearn) has created quite a buzz. And what isn’t there to like? He’s got the knockout power, good in front of the camera, and looks like a mammoth mountain. But I feel there’s something missing… and you cannot blame skeptics for believing this when he still remains untested. I believe the real injustice in all of this, is the fact that fans across the country have to fork out £16 to see Eddie Hearn’s golden boy demolish a journeyman in 6 rounds if lucky. Although, we can only admire Eddie Hearns talent in turning AJ into a superstar. He’s definitely got the right promoter in his corner.

However, giving credit where credits due, Anthony Joshua clearly has bags of potential. His ferocious speed and constantly improving footwork only presents us with good signs to come. He’s been previously labelled by Tyson Fury as a ‘gym bunny’ and to some extent this may be true, but we can’t deny how hard Joshua works outside the spotlight. And his calm persona sets a perfect role model to younger generations. Furthermore, winning an olympic gold medal is an unbelievably impressive achievement in itself, something not many athletes can claim they have accomplished.

In conclusion, for AJ to really claim his place at the top he’s going to have to face much tougher opponents. Molina isn’t good enough. Some more viable opponents include Klitschko, Povetkin, and even David Haye. Myself and I’m sure many others hope Anthony Joshua fulfills his potential, but I think it all boils down to 2017. This is the year that will determine whether AJ is boxing for the money and fame or to cement his legacy as a boxing great.


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