Chris Eubank Jr is set to fight Renold Quinlan in 2017 for the IBO World Super Middleweight title, showcased on ITV Box Office. Yes- you heard correctly, ITV are branching out into the Pay Per View industry. Just what boxing needs. But thats a topic for discussion another day.

Eubank jr says “I intend to deliver more of what my father did: speed, power, accuracy, showmanship and the will to fight and beat the best of the best. Maybe even with a little bit more swagger!” – He told ITV.

Although there is never a boring fight with Eubank jr, its quite hard to get excited for this showdown. Especially when myself (and i’m sure many others) had to look up who Quinlan was. From what i’ve seen through my ‘extensive research’, Quinlan fights with his chin wide open, which i’m sure Chris will take full advantage of- drilling in his ferocious uppercuts. They both hold one loss on their record but I can only see this going one way, a Eubank jr KO victory.

Either way this is the sport of boxing and as we all know, in this sport anything can happen. Overall It will be interesting to see Eubank Jr’s progress, particularly because of his elbow injury that has inhibited him from training/fighting.

If Eubank jr wins this fight, does this deservedly put him up next in the queue to fight the dreaded Gennady Golovkin?


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