On this day on 1938 Robert Lloyd Foster (Bob Foster as we know him) was born; the light-heavyweight who wouldn’t be afraid to step up and give the heavyweights a taste of his thunderous punching power. Muhammad Ali famously said that Bob Foster- AKA The Deputy Sheriff- had “the punch of a mule”, and he wasn’t far from the truth. This legend carried 46 knockouts out of his 56 wins. Even more impressively, he knocked out 89 of the 94 men he beat as an amateur! You’re probably wondering why you never heard of Foster winning an olympic medal with such an outstanding amateur record, but he had to step aside to a young light-heavyweight prospect who later won the gold medal in 1960. His name was Cassius Clay. Something which I believed scarred Foster with a eternal feeling of jealousy towards Ali.

Bob Foster was the world light-heavyweight champion from 1968 to 1974, untouchable at that weight, but unfortunately could never build enough weight to become a heavyweight. Nevertheless in order to make a living, Bob would still fight Heavyweight greats such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Ernie Terrell. After he retired from boxing he took a step back from the sport, stating that there was “too many crooked judges and promoters.”

How would he mix against todays light heavyweights? Simple- he would obliterate the division. Arguably the greatest light-heavyweight of all time. RIP.


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