‘Chambo’ has an aura about himself that oozes flair, professionalism and self-driven determination that only makes his fights more exciting. He is a star in the making, and under Eddie Hearn I can assure you that Isaac will become a boxing hotshot. As he isaac-chamberlainmost definitely has the potential to become the number 1 ranked Cruiserweight in the UK and in good few more years he should be gunning for a world title. But first he needs to keep on track, keep winning fights and gain that experience that can only be earned in the ring.

At the moment, he boasts a clean record of 6-0-0, and has beaten many worthy fighters in those 6 fights. Including the likes
of Wadi Camacho in a thrilling encounter at York Hall. This was the main event and what a main event it lived up to be. As mentioned in my article on Felix Cash (who was on the undercard), I fortunately was able to watch arguably the FOTY live. The atmosphere was special and everyone anticipated a good’ol cruiserweight tear up, and indeed it was, but what surprised me was Isaac’s genuine boxing ability. Obviously we cannot ignore the tremendous heart he showed that night as his shoulder popped out of place during the fight, but his ring craft and quick reflexes was what really impressed me and many other fight fans that night.

He is set to fight on the 4th of March and I can assure you I will most definitely be watching. One to keep an eye on.



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